Medicare and VA

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Who can get Medicare benefits?

  • Any person with Medicare (Parts A + B for MA-PD, MA, or Supplement, and Parts A or B for PDP)
  • Any person with Medicare AND Medicaid (D-SNP)
  • VA/ChampVA members
  • TriCare for Life members

Medicare and VA

Can you get Medicare benefits with VA coverage? 

So as many of you may know, there is some confusion on whether you can get “extra” Medicare benefits along with your VA or Tricare for life coverage. We are here to let you know you can! You can absolutely get those extra Medicare benefits such as Medicare Advantage plans (usually a $0 premium, include Dental, vision, hearing, ect). All you have to do once enrolled into one of these Medicare plans is; contact whoever handles your VA benefits and contact whichever carrier you enroll with (Humana, United Healthcare, Anthem, Kaiser, ect) and let them know you need a coordination of benefits. AGAIN, you must get that coordination of benefits in order for everything to go smoothly. It usually doesn’t take long but is a crucial step if you don’t want things going terribly wrong. If you want to learn even more about Medicare benefits, please feel free to reach out to us or check out our podcast in the link below!

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