Medicare and Retirement/Employer plans

Medicare and Retirement benefits

Can you get Medicare benefits while having retirement benefits? The answer is yes and no. 

While you can always get at least some Medicare benefits if you’re on Medicare, it doesn’t always work smoothly when it comes to having other coverages with it. If you have any sort of employer/retiree coverage, you should always reach out to the office that handles those benefits to see if you can get a separate Medicare plan. 

The first reason you should reach out is because in some cases people have an employer plan and they enroll into a Medicare plan without consulting the office who handles their employer benefits, meaning they lose their employer coverage. If you didn’t like your employer coverage then no harm no fowl. But they’re not always easy to get back, if you can at all. The second reason is you might have a pension package that you could lose as well. ALWAYS consult with the office who handles those benefits BEFORE enrolling into a Medicare plan.


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